We’re more than engineers.
We’re creative partners.

We develop high-quality, creative, and long-lasting structural engineering solutions in a collaborative effort resulting in amazing spaces.


An existing home may need a structural assessment before any design begins.  We complete onsite visual review on existing buildings when there’s structural distress or when the design team needs assistance.  Our assessment reports help owners and architects make decisions and help contractors with their scope of work, when they are requested to provide a budget.

Building Design

At Revive, we work in partnership and support the prime building designer.   We complete coordination markups over the architectural design as we complete calculations and structural plans.  Our specifications and details are for the base building structural elements.  We deliver sealed structural PDF permit drawings over the architectural background floorplans.

Construction Support

Our team offers proactive and reactive construction support for the contractor, owner,  and prime designer when the building is under construction.  We can be present for onsite meetings.  We will as needed provide a Site Instruction or a General Review Report for the local Building Inspector.  We recommend that we review rebar before concrete is placed and we complete our final framing review before the Mechanical and Electrical trades are roughing in their services.

Let’s build your vision